Homeland Security wants SMBs to clean their Windows

by Nate Anderson

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) yesterday issued an unusual press release urging Windows users to apply a specific security patch from Microsoft. That patch, MS06-040, was just released as part of Microsoft’s monthly cycle of security updates, so most home users should already be secure. IT departments and home users who have disabled automatic updates should install the patch as soon as possible. As the DHS ominously notes, "attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems routinely occur within 24 hours of the release of a security patch."

While the DHS rarely issues patch advisories, the department seems keen to prevent massive damage from another worm like MSBlast, which made the rounds several years ago and brought down computers around the world. The concern appears to be justified; both CERT and Microsoft claim that they have already seen code which exploits this particular vulnerability.

The problem was found in the Server service, which is responsible for file and printer sharing, among other things. The service does not properly check the length of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) messages, and a purposely malformed RPC can trigger a buffer overflow and allow the attacker to execute any code with full system privileges. It doesn’t affect all versions of Windows equally, though; Microsoft notes that "Windows 2000 systems are primarily at risk due to the unique characteristics of the vulnerability and affected code path."

For those users who have not yet patched their machines, the government recommends that they block access to Server Message Block (SMB) services from untrusted networks and disable anonymous SMB access. The new patch fixes the problem by having the Server service validate RPC messages before passing them to the appropriate buffer.

Because the DHS warning was so unusual, it has prompted some wild talk that the Microsoft security patch is, in reality, a government surveillance tool designed to spy on Windows users around the world. While this makes for some entertaining speculation, it’s the sort of thing that would single-handedly eviscerate Microsoft’s business, and would no doubt be uncovered quickly by security researchers. The user backlash from such a program would be little short of astonishing.

We’ll leave our tinfoil hats in the Orbiting HQ Storage Module this time.


SMB Info: Spiders Never Sleep

If you are creating content for your SMB Business read this article on Spiders!

Google Has the Most Spiders Tell me more about spiders and my website

Google is a fully automated search engine, which employs robots that never sleep known as ‘spiders’, Googlebot‘web robots’ or ‘web bots’ to crawl over 8 billion URL’s or web pages.

The Google robot, known as Googlebots, will visit a well established site several times a day to check for updates. The Googlebot spider never sleeps, so it can pick up the changes in websites and add that information to its search engine database. Even how spiders ‘think’ is evolving and the engineers behind the spiders rarely sleep.

Spiders never sleep, every so often they dance. Everyday, Google sends out robots (spiders) to crawl the web and archive every website it finds. These archived websites will be presented in the next update of the Google index (database), that’s when the dance occurs. Some websites get invited to higher rankings dance and others are relegated to sit-this one out with lower rankings.

Xponex is dedicated to meet and greet the Google Spiders with your website information. We monitor your site for spider visits and we modify your website based on changes in Google, so we can continue to improve your website ranking.

Spiders never sleep… neither should your web company.

More about the Googlebot:

Of all the spiders who traverse the sites for which we have web log access, Googlebot is by far the most active, on average around twice as active as the Yahoo! crawler and six times more active than the new msnbot spider. On their website, Google refers to Googlebot as “Google’s web crawler” and as “Google’s web-crawling robot.”

Remote Security Camera Viewing

Two-Way Audio Over Internet ConnectionWatch, Hear and Respond RemotelySomeone has broke into your business and your GeoVision Security Camera system has notified you. Wouldn’t it be great to tell the trespasser to go away! You can say loudly thru speakers strategically located throughout your building “Please leave the premises immediately! I’ve dispatched the police and they are on the way.”
Watch, remote record on your local computer, and respond to security threats from the comfort and safety of your home or other remote monitoring location.
All you need on the remote end is an Pentium 4 Windows XP computer with internet connection, microphone and speakers!

Camera Security Now on National TV News Story

The headline story ” Tased Grandma Heading to Court” was reported by the local newspaper. The video was caught digitally by a security camera system sold in 2002 by Camera Security Now, Franklin, Ohio.

What started out as a local story featuring Camera Security Now video footage, has turned into a national TV news and internet news stories. Continued

Beware of Free E-mail Address for E-store Orders

October 20, 2005: You should be scared of spam-bots missions that complete orders with free e-mail account addresses this Halloween.
Products in your estore are at risk and ‘Free Email Accounts’ are often an indicator. Free email accounts are often used in fraudulent activity such as stolen credit cards, bank accounts and company credit information.

If you own a website with an estore, beware of users with free email address accounts. Many emails with the intent to fraud use ‘Free Email Accounts’ such as hotmail, yahoo and gmail. ‘Free Email Accounts’ are easy to setup and easy to dispose of after completing a spam-bot mission.

Fact: Not all orders from free email accounts are fraudulent. But, fraudulent emails, overwhelmingly come from ‘Free Email Accounts’ .
‘Free Email Accounts’ have been such a problem with business to business sites that many B to B websites won’t accept free email accounts to transact business.

At minimum: Verify that the email address really goes to the intended recipient of the product ordered. This will at least assure you that you are taking to a real person and not a ‘bot’ running ‘scripts’ on your estore or product inquiry form.

There are over 1 billion malicious ‘bots’ on the web that do nothing but deliver spam services to every email and website order form findable on the internet.
Here’s why: An unscrupulous programmer who asked not to be identified explained the logic behind the huge influx of spam: “When I create one bot, it goes on a mission 24-7. That bot will find at least one thing to exploit every hour of every day. I don’t just make one bot and neither do my friends.”

Bottom line: Verify before working a lead or shipping a product. It could be worse than a waste of time.

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Capture Video for Security and Marketing

People Counting Feature Helps with Marketing Analysis

Want to find out how many people entered or exited the various areas of the trade show? Our surveillance system does just that. People are a lot more than just a number with the Corporate Event Portable Camera Surveillance System, they are and analysis tool to judge the popularity of various show venues.

The system provides event organizers with an integrated solution for measuring traffic and reviewing traffic flows at the multiple areas of your event.

People Counting can help event planners assess the success of advertising campaigns, schedule employees efficiently, design top notch floor layouts, merchandising displays, and more.

When the numbers count, event planners need People Counting.

Both IN and OUT are counted separately!

Counted results will be logged in the system database. The database can be used to report for specified period of times. For more information on object counting:

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Finding a quality small business local service company is a full time job, especially if you are working in multiple cities. Even if you get a good local service company, coordinating projects between offices can be anything but undaunting. You have to deal with multiple vendors, multiple skill sets and sometimes un-qualified or inept tech labor.

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Wireless: The new trend in Computer Rentals and Projector Rentals

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Consider the convenience and added benefits of renting today’s wireless technology. Wireless rentals have a huge advantage over wired networks, especially for short term projects where the internet and rental computers, printers and projectors are deployed.

Wireless networks are easier and faster to setup than wired networks. Wireless devices add flexibility and save time. With wireless you can move your laptops, projectors and printers around and still maintain connectivity. Best of all, you don’t have to run cat5 wires to routers, computers, printers and switches.

Here are some of the wireless products that are commonly rented for company projects:

Wireless Router Rentals
A wireless router is a networking device that connects computers to the internet. With a router you can share an internet connection between multiple computers on the network. Note: The internet cable needs to be connected directly into the wireless router.

Wireless Access Point (WAP) Rentals
A wireless access point is a networking device that allows wireless-equipped computers and other devices to communicate with a wired network. A WAP may also be used to expand the range of an existing wireless network.

Wireless Adapter Rentals
A wireless adapter is a device that adds wireless network functionality to a computer or laptop. There are three types of wireless adapters. PCI Adapters are for desktop computers. As the name suggests, they can be installed in an available PCI slot. PCMCIA Adapters, also known as PC Cards , are for notebooks. Installation is as simple as pushing the card into an available PCMCIA slot. Lastly, there are USB Adapters. These adapters are compatible with desktop and notebook computers.

Wireless Print Server Rentals
A wireless print server connects a printer to the wireless network, allowing any computer on the network to wirelessly access the printer at any time.

Wireless Projector Rentals
A wireless projector allows a computer user to wirelessly connect and display the computer video on a screen. All you need is a wireless adapter in your computer or notebook and the software that comes with the projector. Today’s advanced wireless projectors allow one computer to connect to multiple projectors AND multiple computers to connect to a single projector. If you want to have a really impressive presentation, consider renting two or more wireless projectors. Bring your multimedia presentation to the next level by putting on multiple unique screens of your data and video presentation. For example: have animation on one screen and data on another!Another benefit of wireless projectors is having the ability to have multiple presenters displaying their presentations right from their own wireless laptop or computer. Consider a corporate meeting with presentations from finance, operations, sales and marketing managers.
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