Small Business Brick Salesman

SMBs are the backbone of commerce in the world, I'm worried we might be carrying too heavy of a load.

The SMB Blog is for, by and about SMBs. From Mom and Pop to Google, all businesses start out as SMBs. Even Apple, Google, Microsoft and Cisco.

This blog is the place for advice for your SMB. A place to comment on the latest SMB news of the month. If you have an SMB and an Idea for a Blog Post on this blog, please send it to bmelgar@smbnow.com for editorial approval.

News and Press Releases can be found at SMBnow.com. If you have a press release about or targeted to the SMB world, then please send that to me also!

I might be considered young to many of you, but I can tell you that I have been around the block in the small business world. From tradeshows to business traveling with technology, I have literally traveled the world for my job.

The posters on this blog are SMB owners in their own right. Each one of them is a little business, struggling for the legal tender. -credit Jackson Brown.

That’s all for now.

Brawlin Melgar

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