20 ‘Too Expensive’ SMB Salesperson Rebuttals

How many times have you heard “Too expensive” or “Can’t you do anything about the price?” when trying to close a deal? It can be an uncomfortable situation for anyone to be in, but if you know what to say and are prepared, you can stay firm on your offer while maintaining your pride.

Martin Limbeck, an international sales authority dubbed “The Porsche of Sales” and author of NO Is Short for Next Opportunity: How Top Sales Professionals Think, says next time this happens to you, be ready with a stock phrase to fire back with. The key is to say it swiftly, clearly, firmly and resoundingly he says.

Limbeck’s 20 favorites:

– The other offers are cheaper and they deserve to be.
– Discounts are the first signal of bankruptcy. Are you sure you want to go down that road?
– Quality comes at a price and that price includes me.
– If you pay 100%, you get 100%. If you pay 90%, that’s what you get.
– If competence is too pricey for you, then wait until you try incompetence.
– Cheap dreams lead to rude awakenings.
– What would you advise your own salespeople to do if they were constantly under pricing pressure?
– I can assure you, nobody is paying less than you are today.
– Thrift is good, but quality is better.
– Lowballing is not a sport I play.
– You’re also buying our blood, sweat and tears.
– Go with the cheaper option and things will really get expensive.
– The price is a reflection of our experience.
– How motivated would you be working for $10?
– If you want to haggle, try the flea market.
– This is not a yard sale.
– Cutting the price means cutting the quality, and that is not an option for us.
– The grass is always cheaper on the other side.
– Discounts don’t fit in our budget.
– If I give you a discount, you may as well give me a donation receipt.

Limbeck says take your pick but be careful: not every phrase is appropriate for every customer or every sale. He says they all have to be delivered with a smile and a slight twinkle in your eye.

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