5 Ways To Stay Motivated At Work

Running a small business can be a daunting task for anyone. The pressure to be in complete control and keep a little business above water can wear anyone down. Subsequently, stressed out, overwhelmed workers and bosses can make for an incredibly unpleasant environment for employees and customers alike. With the holidays quickly approaching it is even more important to keep cool under pressure. Here are five tips that anyone from the business owner to the janitor can use to relax a little and enjoy their job.

Break Down Goals Into Smaller Steps
Goals can be hard to achieve, whether it be a goal for the end of the day, week, or year. The knowledge that something must be done at a certain time can drive a person crazy, so naturally a goal that must be completed can cause mass amounts of stress. The best way to complete a goal in a timely manner is to break it down into manageable chunks. It is a bad idea to try and complete something all at once. By breaking down a goal into steps there is time to reflect on the work and make sure everything is well thought out. Keep the steps small and easy to accomplish in the given time frame, but at the same time big enough so that progress is made every day.

Set Public Expectation
The biggest motivator for almost every worker is not falling behind in the eyes of their peers. By making public what you plan to have accomplished, you not only have the pressure of letting yourself down, there is the added facet of disappointing your coworkers. Public pressure can be an incredible motivator because everyone loves praise and dreads criticism. The possibility of seeming less productive than people in the same position can create a drive that was not there previously, and sometimes a little push is all that is needed.

Find Support
Some aspects of a small business can be more overwhelming than others. If your job is to send invoices to other employees, then it is unlikely there is a need for tons of positive support. On the other hand, if the business belongs to you and it is your responsibility to keep it productive, then it is a terrible idea to go it alone. While not necessarily asking other people to help directly in your job, it is always good to have family and friends that support what you do. Let people know when you need help and don’t bury yourself with things that are impossible to handle alone. Find support in coworkers, family, and friends. Sometimes an extra set of hands can make all the difference.

Get Away For Awhile
Jobs can be suffocating at times, and it is important to take advantage of little breaks from the workday. Avoid having lunch in the same place as where you work. Don’t simply microwave a Hot Pocket at your computer. A new surrounding can lighten the most foul mood. Eat something healthy and enjoyable on your break and stretch your legs whenever possible. Don’t overload on caffeine or press too hard throughout the day, or you could become burned out much too quickly. By changing it up throughout the day and making the most of the time away that you have, you can stay productive even at the worst times.

Remain Positive At All Costs
This is probably the toughest tip of all. When things get really ugly, it is almost impossible to keep a positive outlook, but it is essential. When things pile up and begin to weigh on you, you may begin to feel unmotivated and get less done than ever before. To keep positive don’t dwell on work outside of work and think of all the good things your business has given you. Keep in the forefront of your mind exactly what made you fall in love with this business in the first place and continuously think of what you want this business to become. Other people will follow your example, and eventually things will again become good.

With these steps and many others it is possible to keep motivated in your work space, at least most of the time. Don’t be critical of yourself if you drag some days, just focus on how you will do better tomorrow. Before you know it, you will have a routine based on positive motivation and when you have it down to a science, you can share your personal method with everyone around you.

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