And I said to myself-what a wonderful world

This morning I was sitting in Winton Woods Park watching the silver sneakers crowd walk around the pond known as Lake Winton, watching the professional dog walkers (I wonder if there is a minor league dog walker) walking a string of 4 or 5 dogs through the woods as bicyclists, roller bladers, skateboarders, runners, joggers, and who knows what else zip by them. The park is so very green right now, and I am very thankful. Thankful that I am alive (I almost died around Christmas time). Thankful even though I am starting a bout with Strep or some other “wonderful” malady, even though my computer has contracted some phishing software (just great for a blog writer), in spite of it all, I am very thankful for the little world in which I live. I thought about the upcoming weekend full of celebrations and activities and then I thought about the reason that we are celebrating: Memorial Day.

I don’t know about you but one of my all time favorite movies is Saving Private Ryan. One of the most powerful scenes in all the movies I have ever seen is the Omaha Beach scene. On that day, June 6th 1945 2200 American Soldiers died taking the heavily fortified section of beach in Normandy. I thought about other war movies I have seen like Platoon, or the excellent made for TV movie about Valley Forge-The Crossing. I thought about how I enjoy my little world because of the sacrifices of every American soldier that has ever put on a uniform and honorably worn it-my God, there must be millions all down through our countries short history of men and women who fought and died to make America what it is today. Still today many “kids” that we just watched playing baseball or soccer or maybe marching in the band are being shipped off to places with names like Iraq and Afghanistan. Joining these “kids” are many of Moms & Dads-Husbands and Wives, who are past their prime; they feel the effects of age just like I do, and yet still they serve. While we complain about the market, politicians, the business climate, whatever, they squat in fox holes somewhere to make it possible for us to conduct our business endeavors. Some of them may pray- very soon- that helicopters come over the mountain for a dust off (or provide close air support), or hope some politician somewhere has not cancelled the artillery barrage that may save their lives. They live in very primitive conditions, risking their lives (and their family’s happiness) to provide the freedoms that at least this writer so often takes for granted.

I was going to write about how to handle politics and religious discussion in the office today, but in light of what I thought about this morning, it just pales in comparison. Instead, I am going to seek out a veteran in my little corner of the world, shake his hand, and buy his next round. It’s one little way I can say thank you. I hope you will too!

Have a great Holiday Weekend!

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