Wow Screen will Grab Everyone’s Attention

WOW screens are 42″ plasma or lcd flat screen screens used in tandum as a block to form one large video image. You can make an image the size of a wall.

Available in the following configurations:

Basic WOW – 2 panels wide by 2 panels tall
Advanced WoW – 3 panels wide by 3 panels tall
Bow Wow – 4 panels wide by 4 panels tall
Super Wow – 5 by 5

If your yearly convention is usually visited by a total of around 10 to 100,000 people. You would need to rent a wow screen. Placed on an entire convention wall, your video presentation will grab the attention of everyone in the hall.

Used in conjunction with other directional plasma or lcd flat screens, Wow screens ensure that everyone gets your message.

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