Golf Club Blog from Proshop Warehouse: Get the Right Shaft (Golf Clubs)

SMBs: Get the Right Shaft (Golf Clubs)

A. Men should get a combination of steel shafted irons, graphite shafted woods. The graphite shafted woods will help get maximum distance for longer shots and drives.

B. Men over 55+ need sometimes need all graphite shafted irons and woods. The reason for the switch to graphite irons has to do with absorbing of the impact so not to injury the body. As we get older the speed swing slows, lighter weight graphite shafts may recover some of the lost speed, thus regaining some lost distance. A switch to a softer flex shaft (senior, A-flex) is usually recommended.

C. Juniors and Ladies (All Ages) Graphite shafted irons and woods. The lighter weight graphite shafts are much easier for juniors and ladies to swing than heavier steel shafts. You will pay a bit more the improved shot making makes it worth it.

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