A great tool for SMBs Before they Call a Computer Technician

Don’t be too quick to call a computer service technician because your
internet or email delivery is too slow.

Ever wonder if your internet connection is running slow? Test it with
Speedtest.net (see recommendation: http://Dog-Man.stumbleupon.com). It
takes less than a minute to run most tests if you are on a broad band

First test your connection. You might call your internet service provider
instead of a computer service company.

AND that can SAVE MONEY by NOT PAYING a COMPUTER TECH to come out to tell
you “its your internet connection, we caint do nothin’ about the internet,
its like ‘lectricity, we caint do nothing about that neither”. (not all tech
talk like that, just that’s one of the things I heard last time I called a
tech about my internet connection.

If you are having occasional problems with your ISP internet connection, you
can easily track, via email reports, every time you see an internet problem.
If it is a serious problem, you have proper documentation to support a
request for a refund.

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