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Who‘s at your drive-thru window?Fast Food Video Surveillance

DVR – Digital Video Recording Computers are now widely found in fast food restaurants!

Did you ever wonder what is going on behind
your restaurant when the drive-thru buzzer or bell is activated?

Here are some ways that a video surveillance
system can help your fast food business work more safely and efficiently

1. Video records cars, colors, make and model.
2. Video shows you if the person you just waited on is still at the menu board.
3. Video shows you how long the line is.
4. Video records faces.
5. Video records all of your cash handling transactions.
6. Video show who vandalized the landscaping.
7. Video of dumpster yields many surprises.

Video surveillance in fast food restaurants is on the rise for good reasons!
Video surveillance is saving money, protecting employees, catching bad guys and deterring crime.

DVR Systems work best when configured with Microsoft Windows XP Operating system.

Windows based DVRs, like GeoVision, offer the best quality at competitive

GeoVision DVRs have Windows Compatibility for all recorded video.

Video to be easily viewed over the internet for remote viewing from home
or anywhere. Best of all, Windows based GeoVision DVRs require no special
software to play back the video (.AVI File). Anyone with a computer can
back the recorded video. Email the legal watermark video clip to partner, attorney
and the police whenever necessary!

Where can you buy GeoVision Technology?

Camera Security Now (see sells GeoVision DVRs for as little as $1000 for the 4-camera model. Cameras sell for as little as $75 for a durable business class bullet camera! There is even an option to display your cash register transactions right on the video!

Easy to Use, Learn

The GeoVision software is Microsoft Windows XP compliant, intuitive, and
well-designed. Here are some testimonials:

“This is the easiest DVR software I have ever used, and I have tried many
different DVR software applications.” Andrew Wendt, Camera Security Now

I like GeoVision Based DVR Systems. With the ability to manage 1 to 100,000
cameras Windows XP based GeoVision Systems come in models for budgets of any
size. Bill Schiering,

“With the Geovision DVR system, I have an extremely cost effective way to keep track of
what is going on inside as well as outside of the office” Adam Lewis, Xponex
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