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Timeless Advice-Book Review My 50 years in Dayton

Book Review: My 50 years in Dayton by Stanley C. Allyn You probably won’t find this in Google search, I didn’t. It is in booklet form, not perfect bound, and is only 31 pages long, but the business advice from it is timeless. I think the Carillon Park book store still has copies. It is […]

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Is your business behind the money curve?

Does your business have a nice sized A/R but little money to show for it? Is your company accounting manager always ducking collection calls? You may be behind the money curve. Here’s how it happens: You may have a few large customers that name their own credit terms or just pay slow. The key ratio […]

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10 Accounting Tips for Small Business

1. Maintain records regularly. This is one of the most basic rules: If you don’t keep accurate daily records, you don’t have an accurate way to track the financial condition of your business. Different people use different record-keeping systems; what matters is that you have one and use it every day. Once you have a […]

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