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Top 5 ToDo’s for SMBs to GROW online fast.

There are over 500,000 new startups each month according to Kaufman Research, with most of them using the Internet to launch their business. After creating a website, the biggest challenge is attracting new customers at the lowest cost.

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Yottaquest- an American small business success story!

Let’s start by saying thanks to Matthew Fay, the owner of Yottaquest, for his time in answering some questions about his shop and his success story. YottaQuest, LLC7607 Hamilton AvenueCincinnati, Ohio45231513-923-1985 1)Today we hear a lot of economic gloom and doom, and most of it frankly has good reasoning behind it; However, America is still […]

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The first voice on the phone matters!

Probably the least paid person in any organization is the company receptionist, but having a good person at this post is vital to your business. We have all heard the old adage that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” If you are hiring a receptionist for the first time here […]

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Sales-Networking is King

Sales-Networking is King Before I entered the world of corporate finance, I was a more than pretty fair salesman (I made the million dollar round table). I learned outside sales the hard way-I started hauling around copiers in Oklahoma City in the back of a Chevy Chevette hatchback-yippee! I learned the basics of “prospecting,” “cold […]

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Make Your Customers Pay

When you are a small or medium business, a few customers not paying for their products and services could be very detrimental. Unlike larger companies who can afford the occasional delinquency, every penny counts, especially at a time when many SMBs are struggling to stay afloat. And with the economy still trying to improve, chances […]

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Credit Card Companies Saving Themselves

Today credit card companies are doing more and more to try and save themselves from the crisis that is effecting so many of our financial intuitions. But in reality they may just end up losing and hurting their customers. The latest scheme now being used by some credit card companies involves watching where and how […]

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