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If You Can’t Find A Job, Try Creating One

Cheese! It seems that everyone is trying to stretch a penny these days, and for small businesses that can lead to cutbacks or layoffs. Losing a job in a recession is a devastating thing, especially when jobs are scarce. Unemployment will only last for so long and the bills keep coming in. Statistics show that […]

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A SMB Life Preserver in an Economic Storm

The rebound of recovery efforts in today’s economy is crawling like a 35g download on a dial up connection. It seems politicians are playing tug o war and in the meantime small business owners are struggling to keep things balanced and seeking new ways to sell to a penny pinching market. Some business owners may […]

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Mint Money Management on the Move

I hesitated writing a review about because when it comes to money in times like these you simply cannot afford to fall prey to another internet fly by night; but after researching my little review, I have discovered that is a quiet and steady freight train that could completely evolve the way we […]

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Avoid Social Media Suicide!

In the previous blog entry I spoke about image and how important your internet image is. I recently made a new contact on Twitter with Bradley Will who had some fantastic tips on social media and he hit on many of the points that I was talking about. Check it out:

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Image IS Everything

There is an old campaign slogan that says “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That is a very true statement and an important rule for selling just about everything… including yourself! You wouldn’t meet a new client in ragged jeans and a sweatshirt or wear the same outfit two days […]

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Small Business Credit Crunch Deserves Attention

Frustrations grow as the nation’s big three auto makers line up for another $17b. As the federal government focuses on damage control at the macro-economic level, it has ignored the micro-level small businesses. Meanwhile small businesses with stellar 800 credit ratings out of 850 cannot get a loan or their credit line has been reduced. […]

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The Death of the Yellow Pages

I reached and picked up my newly installed ringing phone the other day and I looked at the caller ID and it was a local number. So I clicked it on and said my “hello?” and the small voice of an older woman said “Heather?” I got halfway through “I’m sorry, you have the…” and […]

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Travel Techs for Small Business Travel

Getting a business up and running takes a lot of work and dedication. Many of the biggest companies around were started with a shoe string and a dream. It happens with persistence and knowing your craft, and networking is the key. Getting your product and service out and making sure people know who you are […]

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