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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Going Green, Without Going Broke

The signs are everywhere; green is the new gold. A Prius on every corner, an energy saving bulb in every streetlight. The world is truly changing for the better as people become more and more conscience about their mother earth. As a society we are trying to make the healthiest choices for our plant. We […]

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You want me to buy you what? The Silly Bandz effect. Today‚Äôs economy is anything but silly, but a success story everyone has most likely heard about by now is the Silly Bandz phenomenon. Where did it come from? More importantly, in an economy that is just starting to struggle back to its feet, how […]

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3 Trends Currently Driving New SMBs

Let’s face it, the American economy is still far from perfect. Even so, people are still starting small- and medium-sized businesses and some of those businesses are still thriving. Why? Simply because there are some business trends that are hot right now, even in this economy. The reasons vary, so let’s take a look at […]

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If You Can’t Find A Job, Try Creating One

Cheese! It seems that everyone is trying to stretch a penny these days, and for small businesses that can lead to cutbacks or layoffs. Losing a job in a recession is a devastating thing, especially when jobs are scarce. Unemployment will only last for so long and the bills keep coming in. Statistics show that […]

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